Offer addressed to those who want to go on a ROUND TRIP and have Münich as destination.

Munchen Special
Munchen Special
Munchen Special


Route 2nd class

round trip

1 adult

Arad – Münich 156 €
Brașov – Münich 186 €
București – Münich 194 €
Cluj Napoca – Münich 170 €
Iași – Münich 208 €
Satu Mare – Münich 160 €
Sibiu – Münich 175 €
Timișoara – Münich 161 €

The prices are valid starting with the 15th of December 2019

Please notice!

  • the tickets bought with the “Munich Special” offer are valid for 1 month
  • the journey can start in any day of the validity period
  • the seat reservation can usually be made with up to 3 months in advance
  • for a seat reservation (day, sleeping and berth coach) the additional reservation fee must be paid
  • refund and exchange of travel tickets is allowed
  • offers “Munich Special” is valid and to ICE trains
  • children benefit a 50% discount from the price paid by an adult
  • entry in Germany should mandatory be made via Salzburg
  • the journey is made with transit through Hungary and Austria

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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