23rd of January 2018

Wednesday, on the 24th of January, in the Centenary Year, the railway employees from the whole country, together with all Romanians, celebrate 159 years from the Unification of the Romanian Principalities under the rule of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first step towards the creation of the Romanian unitary national state.

Railway employees, passengers, members of the Club of Railway Fans and of the bike tourists’ community shall take the message of the Romanian’s unity from Bucharest to Iaşi with a train named symbolically the Unification Train.

The train shall depart from the Bucharest North station at 05:48 hours and during its’ trip several actions shall be organized, which shall evoke historic moments in the context of #Romania’s Centenarian. The Director of the National Center for Railway Training and Qualification – CENAFER, Mr. Marius Oţoiu, shall present from a historic perspective the strategic importance of the railway system.

The Unification Train shall be hauled by a tricolor locomotive and can be met by the local citizens in the stations of: Ploieşti Sud (~ 06:30), Buzău (~07:40), Focşani (~08:50), Tecuci (~09:30), Bârlad (~10:25), Vaslui (~11:15), Bârnova (~11:55) and Iaşi (~12:20).

“Looking back in time, in the context of this historic moment, the railway has played a major role in the unification of the country’s regions, by bringing people together and generating economic development. In the #Centenary Year, the railway transport has the chance of being redefined in such way that it further represents a vector for sustaining the Romanians’ unity, through the increase of mobility and economic development. I wish to all passengers many travels by train and good thoughts into UNITY. Happy Centenary Year!” said Iosif Szentes, General Director of CFR Călători.