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New! Decreasing the period of purchase of the place for the sleeping wagon / berth.

The place in the sleeping car / berth can now be bought from the ticket offices in the stations, with maximum 5 minutes, before the departure of the train (either from the training station or from the stations along the way), within the available seats.

In accordance with the current legislative provisions, starting with 09.03.2022:
– the working hours with the consumer public on the bar express car are established between 05:00 and 01:00;
– For the bar express car it will be allowed to park the passengers at the tables in the bar area at the maximum capacity of the number of seats;
– Customer access is free.

Enjoy a pleasant trip with a coffee and not only … from the train window! CFR Călători is waiting for you in the bar express car with a diversified menu at advantageous prices!

From 11.12.2022 we are present on the following routes and trains …

  • Bucharest North-Cluj Napoca and return on following trains IC 531/IC 532
  • Bucharest North – Arad and return on following trains IC531/IC521/IC522/IC532
  • Bucharest Nord-Suceava and return on following trains IC551/IC552
  • Bucharest North- Iași and return on following trains IC551/IC562/IC 561/IC552
  • Bucharest Nord-Constanța and return on following trains IC581/IC582
  • Bucharest Nord-Constanța – Brașov and return on following trains IR1583/IC536/IC538/IR1682
  • Bucharest North-Budapest and return on following trains IR 72/IR 73

Menu available on the bar express car Download
Given the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we only serve sandwiches in bistro cars that have a lounge with dining seats.Important!
Changes may occur in the movement and composition of trains.
For updated information, access /  Train Tracks Module and follow the signs  or call the information offices at  stations and agencies CFR Călători.
We wish you a pleasant journey!

Do you travel long distances? … Time passes faster by relaxing in sleeping or berth cars.

The cabin of the sleeping car is equipped with 2 beds and a washbasin for those who travel on the country routes, and for international routes we also find cabins with shower.

Each passenger receives a disposable kit made up of a towel, toothpaste, soap and toothbrush, plus a 0.5 liter still glass bottle, along with a bed linen.

The cabin from the berth car is equipped with 4 or 6 beds, each passenger receiving a bed linen.










Inform yourself whether the train you are about to travel has a sleeping or berth car, by visiting timetable module, with the following signaling:

  • sleeping car
  • 4 bed berth car
  • 6 bed berth carvagonul cușetă cu 6 paturi
» Purchasing tickets for sleeping and berth cars
Train tickets for the journey to the sleeping car or berth can be purchased from the ticket offices no later than 5 minutes before the departure of the train (either from the training station or from the stations along the way), subject to availability.After this term, passengers wishing to purchase tickets for a sleeping or berth car travel can present themselves to the conductor of the sleeping or berth car which, within the limits of the available seats, issues the travel card or only the bed supplement or berth at a home tariff.
In order to be allowed access to the sleeping or berth car, the passenger must present at the car door the travel document stating that he has paid the transport fare and the reservation of the seat at the respective car.
Other ways of purchasing train tickets for sleeping or berth car:

  • online by accessing Online Train Ticket Buy / My Account button
  • from CFR Călători vending machines in the railway stations
  • from vending machines of authorized dealers

» Seats’ occupation at sleeping car
Sleeping cars are considered as hotel accommodation units on wheels and are treated and priced as such. In this type of car, the sale of a single seat in a cabin is mandatory made by specifying the passenger’s gender, namely “Male” (“M”), “Female” (“F”). In the case where simultaneous reservation of all seats in a cabin is required, these are necessarily allocated to the same cabin and there is no need to specify the type of passengers (for families or persons wishing to travel together regardless of gender), the cabin being defined in gender perspective as “Indifferent” (“I”).
At one time in a sleeping car can be opened maximum two cabins, one for men (marked “Male”) and one for women (marked “Female”).
Only after the occupancy of the vacant seat from the already open cabin is allowed the sale of a new cabin for the respective type.
Passengers wishing to purchase a travel card with the bottom bed reservation and receiving the information that there is already open a cabin of the same type at which only the top bed is available, to have as reservation the bottom bed can only opt for the purchase of a full cabin, traveling in single regime (the passenger will pay the transport fare and the single cabin supplement).
» Seats’ occupation at berth cars
In the case of berth cars, seat sales are made taking into account the customer’s preferred bed position (top, middle, bottom) within the limits of the available seats, allowing simultaneous sale of all cabins in the respective car.
At berth cars, cabin seats (which may be 4 or 6 beds depending on their type) are sold regardless of gender or mixed regime.
» Not presenting at the car when leaving the boarding station
When the passenger is not present at the sleeping or berth car, to occupy the seat within 1 (one) hour from the departure of the train at the boarding station (indicated on the bed / berth supplement), the seat is considered to be free (art. 49.4 Uniform Norms for Romanian Railways, approved by OMT no. 655/2007, as subsequently amended and supplemented).
» Change of transport contract
The refund of bed supplement to sleeping or berth cars may be made (with appropriate charges only if it is made no later than 60 minutes before the train departs from the training station (the original train guidance station). After this period, the amounts paid for bed supplements will not be refunded.

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