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Facilities for war veterans

Law no. 44/1994 regarding war veterans as well as several rights of war disabled and widows stipulates that 12 free return tickets shall be granted every year or 24 simple trips on the 1st class on the trains of any category for the great maimed persons, war disabled persons as well as for war veterans having been granted any state orders or medals.

War veterans having not been granted any such orders as well as war widows shall be entitled to 6 free domestic return trips, during a calendar year, or 12 simple railway trips by railway, on a train of any category. Generals and officers shall travel on the 1st class while the other war veterans having not been granted any medals and the war widows, on the 2nd class.

As part of the number of trips that is established for the respective holders, they may also use them for the persons accompanying them.

As regards the railway travel of those persons being the beneficiaries of Law no 44/1994, the free trip ticket granted based on Law no 44/1994 shall be used. The free trip tickets are nominal and annual.

Free travel tickets can be used by husband / wife or other people empowered to represent the interests of holders based on authenticated proxy not being necessary the presence of the holder in making the trip. When the travel is performed in the absence of the holder, the travel tickets, submitted for visa by the husband / wife or other persons mandated to represent the interests of owners, will be filled with name and surname of husband / wife or persons empowered by holders, no. of holder’s card and further will be written the name and surname of the holder.

In order to be admitted for transport, the passenger is to submit prior to the trip beginning the statistic coupon, the annex coupons no 1 and 2 and the respective special ticket, being not cut off, for visa, at the cash desk or the travel agency, as appropriate, with the respective lines filled in: Mr./Mrs; No of holder’s card; Series and no of the identity card of the accompanying person, if any; From the station; To the station, observing the guidelines printed on the verso of the special trip ticket.

The use of the free trip tickets for sleeping/berth cars, or for another route than that written down on the respective trip ticket may only occur against the integral payment of the corresponding rate differences.

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