Journey delay or anticipation is permitted only for journey tickets entitling to this change under the specific conditions of use if the request is addressed within the time limits normally set at the issuing points of railway stations provided by CFR Călători staff and at CFR agencies within their established work schedule.

To find out the schedule of CFR Calatori journey units, see the details below.

Deadlines at issuing points

The delay or anticipation may be requested at any time before the date and time of train departure, and postponement of the journey may be requested up to one hour after train departure from the boarding station written on the ticket.

Anticipation or delay of the journey may be requested only once for any calendar date of the anticipated sale period only if the date and train for which the modification of the transport contract are known, the postponement canceling the right to anticipate the journey and reciprocally (the anticipation canceling the right to postpone the journey).

Delay or anticipation of the journey does not cancel the right to interrupt the journey as well as to the refund of the transport tariffs under the regulations into force.

On the travel date (train’s movement date written on the ticket), you can also request trips in advance or postponement directly from the train staff, ONLY for boardings from stations without CFR Calatori staff or after the working hours of ticket counters from stations serviced by CFR Calatori, as follows:

  • in case of requests for trips in advance – for any train departing before the train for which the ticket was issued, submitted by the passenger, with the payment of possible tariff differences;
  • in case of requests for trip postponement –   no later than one hour after the departure time of the train mentioned on the ticket submitted by the passenger; if within one hour there is no train in that direction, then the one hour period is extended to the next train.


  • tickets issued for pupils and those for students with a 100% discount do NOT give the right to postpone/anticipate the journey. Any change is made by returning the original ticket and issuing a new ticket if the request is made within the established terms through the same issuing channel (ticket offices or online as the case may be). In the train, the validation of these tickets is allowed only for the train and date indicated on the respective ticket;
  • round-trip tickets purchased from the issuing counters in the stations and travel agencies or from the vending machines in the stations, give the right to postpone/anticipate the journey in each direction separately (both on the outbound journey and on the return journey ). Exception for the round-trip offer purchased online, where the ticket change by postponing/advancing can only be done before the departure of the outbound train, for the entire ticket as a whole (both for the outbound train and for the return train and all passengers registered on ticket)

When anticipating or postponing the journey, the calculation of the journey fare for the new journey card shall be made taking into account the issuing date of the original ticket, the passenger paying for any additional tariff differences. Tariff differences in minus are not refunded, passengers being warned when the refund operation is more advantageous. The class ticket reservation fee for a class car is not refunded; for sleeping or berth car, 10%, 50% or 100% is retained from the bed supplement depending on the date and time of submission for the change request, according to regulations into force.

The boarding / boarding of stations served by CFR Calatori staff, as a ticket is valid for a train, it is mandatory to present and target it (within the limits of available seats for the new train where the trip is required) of the bilt originally bought. If there are no longer available seats, no change will be made and if the passenger boarding the train (without a change visa from the sale / issue bill) will be considered FREE of charge and will be issued a ticket to train toll rate (BTT).

The passenger holding a valid ticket on a specific train/trains from the respective date, request, regardless of the reasons, the interruption of the trip after it has started, only if the following conditions are cumulatively met:

  • the ticket entitles the passenger to this type of change;
    • the request is made at the ticket offices only from the stations provided in the “List of railway stations where it is possible to request changes to the transport contract during the travel” (see details below) located on the train route mentioned on the ID, no later than one hour after the arrival of the train on which the trip was made (date written on the original ticket);
  • the passenger specifies the date and the train / trains with which he/she wishes to continue the journey under the new conditions until the final railway station of destination (written on the original ticket);
  • the train which is specified by the passenger for continuing the trip from the railway station where the trip has been interrupted must comply with the condition that the interruption falls within a minimum of 24 hours either from the departure of the train on which the passenger has arrived, or from the departure of the initial connecting train, depending on the type of the ticket, and up to a maximum of 5 days, a deadline calculated without the current date.

Interruption of the journey does not cancel the right to refund of the transport tariffs under the conditions of the in force regulations. The price of the reservation tickets for the day coach (whether partially used or unused) is not refundable, and for the sleeping coach or berth coach, 50% or 100% of the rate of the bed supplement not fully used is withheld, depending on the time at which the change request is made, according to the in force regulations.

The following travel documents DO NOT grant the right to interrupt the journey:

  • tickets issued for the round trip (child, student, pupil, round trip offer);
    • tickets issued on board the train for collecting the tariffs, according to the fares on board the train;
    • travel documents issued through the online sales channel of CFR Călători (on the website and the installable application on the phone);
    • the ticket for the bicycle;
    • tickets issued for pupils and students with a 100% discount
    • group ticket;
    • electronic travel documents issued through other alternate channels of other authorized distributors,
    • integrated metropolitan tickets.
The list of stations where the interruption of the journey / refund can be requested
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