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Choose the train to get to Poland!

Choose the train to get to Poland!

Offer recommended for traveling on Romania – Poland and Poland– Romania routes and the offer is intended for individual passengers and groups.

Once you arrive there, you will discover the Polish culture that has a rich history, a thousand years old, with influences from both the West and the East. These influences are visible in the architecture, folklore and art of the country.

Poland is known to be the birthplace of many famous people around the world, such as Pope John Paul II, Marie Curie.

Here are some examples of 2nd class travel tariffs.

Route Prices started
Bucureşti – Varșovia 139 euros
Sibiu—Wrocław 116 euro
Cluj Napoca – Cracovia 107 euros
Sighișoara – Gdansk 134 euros
Brasov—Katowice 112 euros

Important to know!

• Tickets are valid for 4 days
• The offer is valid for 2nd and 1st classes
• The passengers must use the trains written on the ticket
• The offer allows for refunds and the refund fee is 10% of the ticket price, but minimum 3 euros/person.
• The change of the ticket is considered a refund and new issuing of both the ticket and related reservations.
• For the reservation of the seat (day, sleeping and berth coaches) the reservation fee is paid additionally

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