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Facilities for revolutionaries

Law no 341/2004 regarding the recognition granted to heroes, martyrs and fighters having contributed to the victory of the Romanian revolution from December 1989 provides for the granting, on a yearly basis, to the beneficiaries of this law, of 12 free return railway trips, 1st class, for all the categories of passenger trains. Within the limitation of these 12 free trips the members of the holder’s family may also travel. The person accompanying the 1st degree disabled retired person or the greatly maimed person may also benefit of such free trips.

The family members of the beneficiaries of Law no 341/2004 may travel by railway by themselves or accompanying the respective holder.

1st degree disabled persons or the greatly maimed persons shall be entitled to travel together with an accompanying person. Such accompanying person may travel only in the presence of the person holding the right of such accompaniment. The data registered on the ticket of the accompanying person shall be identical with those of the person having the right of accompanying person, while the surname and given name shall be those of such accompanying person.

As regards the railway trip of the beneficiaries of Law no 341/2004, the free trip ticket being granted based on Law no 341/2004 shall be used. The free trip tickets shall be nominal and issued on a yearly basis.

The free return trip tickets granted based on Law no 341/2004, used by the family members of the revolutionaries, shall be valid only when accompanied by the identity document (identity card of birth certificate for the children).

Prior to the travel starting, such beneficiary of Law no 341/2004 shall provide at the cash desk the respective ticket, the statistic coupons and the annex – coupons being not cut-off, with the following being written down in ink or paste: “Mr./Mrs. …”, “Identity card …”, “Certificate no …” (for the free trip ticket on account of S.S.P.R. – Law no 42/1990), “Card no …” (free trip ticket – Law no 341/2004), “From the station …”, “To the station …”, observing the guidelines on the ticket verso.

The use of the free trip tickets for sleeping/berth cars, for Business Standard or Exclusive class or for another route than that written down on the respective trip ticket may only occur against the integral payment of the corresponding rate differences.

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