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Discounts when buying in advance

Discounts on purchases in advance!

  • 10 % discount on purchases in advance from 11 days inclusive during the entire advance sale period
  • 5 % discount on purchases in advance from 6 to 10 days

Where can I buy train tickets in domestic traffic in advance?

  • ONLINE, from the website or from the phone app (download the app from here)
  • from the ticket offices of railway stations and CFR travel agencies that issue electronically through the xSell system
  • from the vending machines belonging to CFR Călători

The anticipation can be up to a maximum of:

  • 30 days, including for the return journey
  • 60 days in the case of groups organized by at least 20 people

About the discounts granted!

Reduceri la cumpărarea cu anticipatie

  • » The discount percentage is applied to the full or child transport fare, for each train separately;
  • » The discount applies to Regio, Interregio and Intercity train travel, 1st class or 2nd class;
  • »  The discount applies only to electronically issued train tickets (stations and agencies), to ticket machines and online;
  • » The discount does not apply in working points and small units, where the issuance of tickets is manually done;
  • » The discount does not apply to the purchase of other commercial offers (round trip ticket, etc.);
  • » The discount does not apply to tickets issued to persons who benefit from facilities (discounts) based on the normative acts in force (persons who have the quality of “pupil”, “student”, “pensioner”, etc.).

Important to know!

  • » The purchase of tickets for trains running with a reservation of seats can be made only in the period of anticipation established and approved;
  • » The price of the seat reservation ticket for the class car or for the bed supplement (for the sleeping car or berth car), is paid in full;
  • » When setting the advance term for granting discounts, the current day is not taken into account;
  • » The maximum terms for the advance sale of train tickets may change at any time if the operating conditions so require;
  • » The change can be made for all passenger trains or punctually only for certain trains;
  • » The modification of the maximum terms of sale in advance will be brought to the notice of the passengers before the modification takes effect, both by message posted on the official website of “CFR Călători” and by posters at all points of issuance of tickets;
  • » In case of force majeure, the modification of the maximum terms of sale in advance can be done without notice with the notification on the official website of “CFR Călători”.

“CFR Călători” reserves the right to modify the trading conditions or to terminate this commercial offer at any time.

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