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TrenPlus Card

Choose the TrenPlus Card! Buy tickets with 25% discount!

About TrenPlus Card:

  • has a validity period of 1 year
  • it is a nominal travel card, assignable
  • offers the possibility to buy an unlimited number of tickets with 25% discounts, with travel data within the card’s validity period
  • with the TrenPlus Card you can buy tickets ONLINE, from the ticket offices that have electronic issuance and from the ticket vending machines
  • the discount of 25% are applie to the full price of transport on any connection, on a Regio and Interregio train
  • Beginning with October 2023, the passengers may opt for issuing the “TranPlus Card” offer in digital format, namely recharging the offer, on card support.

Price = 160 lei

    •  The TrenPlus Card does not allow discounted travel on the Intercity train. For Intercity train travel, the full fare differences will be paid.
    •  The TrenPlus Card can be purchased with validity from the day of issue.
    • The start date of the card’s validity can only be one date of the advance sale period
    • The 25% discount on the transport fare applies only to the electronic ticket offices, ticket vending machines and online purchase. The offer shall NOT cumulate with other facilities or discounts offered by CFR Călători.
    • The fare for reserving a seat in a class car is paid in full, on trains with a reservation system
    • The price of the extra bed in the sleeping car/berth is paid in full
    • Discount granted on the basis of this offer IS NOT cumulative with other discounts granted by other commercial offers (round trip, anticipation etc.) or with the facilities set on the basis of the in force laws.
    • On board the train, the traveler must present the ticket together with the TrenPlus card on the basis of which the ticket was issued and an act of identification with photo and personal identification number (PIN) (ID card / passport).
    • When a control is done on board the train, if the discounted ticket purchased on the basis of a TrenPlus card is not presented together with the respective TrenPlus card and/or identity card, the traveler is considered as not having a valid ticket travel card and is obliged to pay the increased fare on the train.
    • The train ticket issued with a discount, based on a TrenPlus card, has the same right  regarding the modification of the transport contract as a full price ticket bought at the sales counters of CFR Călători units (railway stations/ travel agencies), CFR Călători ticket machines, ONLINE from the website by accessing the “Buy / My Account” button).
    • The discounted train ticket purchased on the basis of the TrenPlus card is refunded according to the general refund conditions.
    • The owner of a TrenPlus card who reports the loss or theft of the card will have to obtain a new card at a cost.

About digital card …

    • The card-type support costs 5 lei, is valid for 4 years and shall be issued on the basis of a request filled by the customer at the ticket desks from the CFR Călători stations and travel agencies.
    • A customer which has the TrainPlus Card offer in digital format may purchase discounted tickets on the basis of this offer, from any ticket office or automatic vending machined belonging to CFR Călători (Kioșk), as well as online from the website or from the application for mobile phones.
    • At the passenger’s request, the TrainPlus Card offers issued in physical format on thermo-reactive cardboard support, can be converted in digital format with the same validity period, namely it can be loaded on this card-type support.
    • In case of loss/theft or damage to the card-type support, it can be replaced, by paying the issuing tariff for a new support. When replacing a card support, the TrainPlus Card offer still valid at the respective moment, shall be automatically transferred on the new card-type support.
    • PVC card-type support model specific to the card TrainPlus offer:

  • When checking on board trains, the TrenPlus card-type support is automatically recognized when scanned with the mobile device of the train staff. Following the scan, the following information regarding the TrainnPlus Card offer – in digital format, shall be displayed: validity period, as well as the client’s identification data, which shall be compared with the ones from the identity document. The ticket issued on the basis of the Tren Plus card shall be scanned as well, with its’ travel data within the validity period of the TrainPlus Card offer (in physical format or registered on card-type support).

TrenPlus Card:

  • can only be purchased at the ticket offices of the stations and CFRCălători travel agencies that have an electronic system for issuing travel IDs
  • can be purchased by any traveler, regardless of age;
  • it is necessary to fill out a written application, (download TrenPlus Card Application), stating the start date of the validity,owner’s name, CNP, address, telephone and optionally other contact data (e-mail, etc.);

The refund of the card issuance fee is possible before the first day of validity with the retention of a commission of 10% of its value. The card issuance fee is not refundable after the first day of card’s validity.

Important! Issuance fees are not refunded for lost, stolen or unused cards, regardless of the cause.

In case of damage to the TrenPlus ID Card, a un „TrenPlus Card – Duplicate” can be issued, without additional costs, with the same value, based on a new request for the issuance of the TrenPlus card, where the reason for requesting the duplicate will be specified.

Attention! The TrenPlus Card ID cannot be laminated (it is printed on heat-reactive cardboard).

The owner of a TrenPlus card who reports the loss or theft of the card, will have to obtain a new card for a fee.

Request for issuance of the TrenPlus Card Download
Duplicate Issue of the TrenPlus Card Download

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