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Travel Card

The “Travel pass” represents a travel document for those passengers travelling frequently by train in domestic traffic and which do not wish to worry about a ticket any longer.

What are the advantages?

  • Travel WITHOUT LIMITS, on any routes and any distances;
  • It is valid for 1 YEAR or 6 MONTHS, depending on the chosen option;
  • You can choose to travel by train of any rank, in the 1st or 2nd class coaches, in the sleeping or berth coaches, depending on the information written on the back, according to the passenger’s request;
  • For traveling by trains with a reservation system, it is not mandatory to purchase the reservation ticket, except for traveling with a non-folding bicycle in special coaches for bicycles, in which case payment of the seat reservation fee is mandatory;
  • If the passenger wishes to travel in higher tariff conditions compared to those written on the back of the ticket, the tariff differences will be paid in full;
  • The ticket allows travel under tariff conditions lower than those for which it was issued, but does not allow refunds of the tariff differences;
  • The ticket is not nominal for commercial companies, any employee of the company being able to travel unlimitedly;
  • The ticket is nominal for natural persons, with the surname, first name and Personal Numerical Code of the holder written on it;
  • Go directly to the train if you chose the trip without a reserved seat in the day coach, thus avoiding the congestion at the ticket office;
  • If you want to travel in the day coach with a reserved seat at the trains with a seat reservation system, the full reservation ticket will be paid at the ticket offices.

Do you wish to travel by train on board a sleeping or berth coach?

When purchasing the “Travel pass”, by paying an additional fee, it can be issued having one of the following mentions: “Valid for Sleeper/Berth Coaches” or “Valid for Berth Coaches”.

The owner of this document may travel on board a sleeper or berth coach without paying the reservation tariff, by requesting a free ticket.

The ticket can be requested from the ticket offices from the stations and CFR Călători agencies.

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How can you buy the “Travel Pass”?

Passengers wishing to buy this document in order to travel without limits can contact us at the following telephone numbers: +40 21 319 95 28 / +40 21 319 95 29 / +40 21 319 95 65 – interior 122 723.

Important! The “Travel Pass” cannot be purchased online.

For any additional information, please call the information offices from the stations or CFR Călători agencies.


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