PNRR: Fonduri pentru România modernă și reformată!

Postat 15-01-2024 in Events

Societatea Națională de Transport Feroviar de Călători ”CFR Călători” SA, în calitate de beneficiar, a semnat contractul de finanțare aferent proiectului de investiții  cu titlul: “Modernizarea a 55 de locomotive electrice destinate remorcării trenurilor de călători, conversia a 20 locomotive diesel hidraulice de manevră în locomotive electrice cu acumulatori și modernizarea a 139 vagoane de călători”. Contractul de finanțare nr. 45/13.12.2023 face parte din Planul Național de Redresare și Reziliență (PNRR), Pilonul 1 – Tranziția spre o economie verde, Componenta C4. Transport sustenabil, Investiția I2 – Material rulant feroviar și asigură finațarea pentru proiectul de investiții “Modernizarea a 55 de locomotive electrice destinate remorcării trenurilor de călători, conversia a 20 locomotive diesel hidraulice de manevră în locomotive electrice cu acumulatori și modernizarea a 139 vagoane…

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„TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format

Postat 29-11-2023 in Events

Passengers who wish to enjoy the 25% discount for each journey and choose the offer „TrenPlus Card” in digital format, can request this card type at the ticket office. 1. Where can I buy the digital media for „TrenPlus Card” offer and what are the advantages The card-type media can be purchased at the ticket offices, for a fee, based on an application filled in by the passenger and is more durable, rechargeable and valid for 4 years. „TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format will be loaded onto a card-type media. Passengers who want the “TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format, can buy discounted train tickets, under the same commercial conditions as before, namely: 1directly from the phone, by installing the app “CFR Călători online…

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Install CFR Călători apps and buy your ticket directly from your mobile!

Postat 25-08-2023 in News

SIMPLE and FAST With the application “CFR Travel tickets online” you can purchase tickets directly from your phone. Application available in Google Play, Apple AppStore, Huawei AppGallery Once installed on your phone, you can enjoy a lot of advantages: o At any time you can purchase the ticket or find out when the next train departs o The ticket can be viewed and presented to the train staff directly from the application, even if you do not have internet access. Important! Printing the ticket is not mandatory o Buy SAFE. The operation is carried out under conditions of maximum security including memorizing the card for quick follow-up. o Benefit from the offers of the TrainPlus Card (those who hold this card), the round-trip ticket, discounts…

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New! Rechargeable Transport Card for Your Pass

Postat 24-07-2023 in News

Beginning with July 2023, the passengers buying monthly travel passes – Nelimitat 30, Flexi 5, 10 or 15 and weekly – Nelimitat 7 can also choose to charge them in a digital format, on card support. 1. Where can I obtain a Transport Card from and what are the benefits? • The Transport Card is issued on the basis of a request form filled by the passenger at the ticket offices from the stations and the CFR Călători travel agencies, only for the purchase of “pass” type tickets with full payment. • For a passenger owning a Transport Card, issuing the digital passes (charging a pass on the card), as well as paying for the fare differences (train rank difference and/or reservation ticket) shall be…

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Do you want to promote yourself across the country?

Postat 03-10-2022 in News

Do you want to promote yourself across the country? If your answer is YES, then we are here for you! You can choose from a wide range of advertising and publicity services, such as: Advertisement on the back of CFR Călători tickets, for batches of at least 6,000,000 ticket units that can cover the entire territory of the country (the railway network served by CFR Călători). The model of the advertisement will be made in polychrome and can have a maximum surface of 25.65 cm2 (45 mm x 57 mm); Interior wrapping (for example customized covers – made by the customer – for the headrests of the seats) and exterior, rolling stock; Distribution of advertising materials (magazines, flyers, brochures, etc.) at ticket offices in the…

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INTEGRATED METROPOLITAN PASS for the Bucharest – Ilfov Area

Postat 07-04-2022 in Romania train trip

TRAIN – UNDERGROUFND – TRAM – BUS – TROLLEYBUS Starting with the 17th of February 2022, both the tourists, as well as the residents in the city of Bucharest and Ilfov county can travel with a single ticket with all the modes of transport available in the Bucharest – Ilfov area: TRAIN – UNDERGROUND – TRAM – BUS – TROLLEYBUS. The price for a metropolitan pass starts at 20 lei, for a validity of 24 hours. There are several options for an INTEGRATED METROPOLITAN PASS – valid for 24 hours, 72 hours, one month, 6 months or 12 months. These types of metropolitan passes allow for various combinations of transport modes Surface transport + underground + railway Surface transport + railway Underground + railway, regardless…

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The Caracău Viaduct – the largest concrete arched viaduct in Romania

Postat 30-07-2021 in Events

The Caracău Viaduct in Harghita county is the most important construction on the Miercurea-Ciuc – Ghimeş railway route, put into use on October the 18th 1897, with the opening of the Ciceu – Ghimeş railway line, important due to the fact that it connects Moldova with Transylvania. Built in a mountainous region, on a rugged terrain, difficult to access, it represents the largest artwork executed by CFR after the construction of the bridge from Cernavoda. It was destroyed in both world wars, in 1916 and 1944, respectively, and rebuilt each time. After the Second World War, from December 1944 until February the 12th 1945, the Romanian construction engineers made a temporary wooden viaduct. This was a unique performance in the history of railway construction. In…

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The Filiași – Bumbești – Livezeni railway

Postat 22-07-2021 in Events

The Filiași – Bumbești – Livezeni railway connects the Transylvanian Plateau with the Romanian Plain through the coal basin from the Jiu Valley and is famous in history for the Bumbești – Livezeni section, completed a few years after the Second World War. Besides the paramount importance in rail transport, the railway that crosses the Jiu gorge also offers spectacular landscapes. Spanning 117 km in length, the railway line was built by the CFR administration between 1886-1948 in five stages. During the first 2 stages, the Filiași – Cărbunești (46 km) and Cărbunești – Târgu Jiu (24 km) railway sections were inaugurated in 1888, the works being carried out at a sustained pace because they were declared works of public utility. For 27 years, Târgu…

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Discount on selected Interrail Global Pass tickets

Postat 16-11-2023 in Europe train trip

Between 16th and 28th of November 2023, Interrail is offering a 25% discount on selected Interrail Global Pass tickets for those with flexible validity: 10 days in 2 months and 15 days in 2 months; for those with continuous validity: 15, 22 days continuously, 1, 2 and 3 months continuously. The 25% discount is granted to the passenger categories: Adult, Senior, Youth and Child, both in 1st and 2nd class. Validity YOUTH between 12 and 27 years old 1st class YOUTH between 12 and 27 years 2nd class ADULT between 28 and 59 years 1st class ADULT between 28 and 59 years 2nd class SENIOR > 60 Over 60 years 1st class SENIOR > 60 Over 60 years 2nd class 10 days / 2 months…

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Festivalul Electric Castle – Bonțida, 19-23 iulie

Postat 08-08-2023 in Events

CFR Călători îți propune să descoperi în fiecare weekend o destinație turistică sau un eveniment cultural de top din România. Dacă ești pasionat de muzică electronică, vino cu trenurile CFR Călători la Electric Castle, unul dintre cele mai mari festivaluri de muzică din România, care are loc pe domeniul Castelului Banffy de la Bonțida – Cluj, între 19 și 23 iulie! În perioada festivalului, între 18 și 24 iulie, un număr suplimentar de trenuri CFR Călători vor avea oprire la Boțida Hm, iar în anumite zile din acest interval de timp, vor circula și trenuri suplimentare. Detalii, aici! Pentru a vedea orarul trenurilor spre Bonțida și Cluj Napoca, intră aici! – Cumpără bilet dus-întors cu minim o zi înainte de efectuarea călătoriei și beneficiază de reducerea* de 10%. Detalii, aici!…

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