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Transport services of bicycles and skis

1. Un-demountable  bicycles are admitted to be transported ONLY at the trains having in composition types of coaches with a specially dedicated spaces (in terms of construction) for the transport of bicycles. A single bicycle per person is allowed.

2. CFR Calatori trains providing the passenger`s transport service accompanied by a bicycle could be found at CFR Călători’s ticket offices or consulting the Timetable on our website (trains with coaches in which can be transported also the bicycles or at the icon “Services” for bicycles).

3. For travelers who are accompanied by bicycles, at the trains with reservation regime, shall be allocated seats in compartments next to the space for storage thereof.

4. At trains where a bicycle transport service is offered (where there is the appropriate icon in the Timetable from the website may be taken for transport un-demountable bicycles for which it will pay, at the ticket office, a fee of 20 lei.

5. Folding / demountable bikes can be transported for FREE OF CHARGE ON ALL TRAINS, to the 1st and 2nd class coaches or skis to the 2nd class coaches, as hand luggage, in the limit of the available space, provided they do not inconvenience the other travelers (a folding bicycle or a pair of skis per person)

6. If the train crew, when checking the legality of the journey, finds passengers who are accompanied by a bicycle and does not present the bicycle ticket, the bulk luggage charge applies for the kilometer area corresponding to the passenger’s travel ticket (a bicycle is considered 15 kg).

7. In duly justified cases, where the rate occupancy of the train in question is close to 100% or higher, the train staff may prohibit the boarding of passengers with bicycles, if they DON NOT hold bicycle tickets for that train.

8. In the case of organized groups of cyclists, they must submit a request at least 72 hours in advance, so that the specialized departments can take measures to organize the transport according to the available rolling stock.

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