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Animal transport services

Animals, birds, reptiles, fishes and alive insects, as a rule, cannot be transported on board coaches.

animal transportationExceptions:

The following categories of pets are admitted for transport, ONLY in 2nd class coaches, if no passenger has any objections:

  • Small dogs, cats and small animals carried in arms, small birds in cages;
  • Dogs that have a cage muzzle and are kept on a leash on the floor of the coaches’ compartment floor

If the other passengers object, the train staff will guide the passenger, the pet owner (dog, cat) together with it, to other compartments or at the end of the passengers’ corridor.
In special and well-justified cases, the train staff can forbid travel with these animals.

The passenger, namely the pet owner, is obliged to maintain the place clean during the whole travel, having his own sanitary materials, otherwise he will be sanctioned according to the legal regulations in force.

Tariff conditions:

Small dogs, cats and small animals carried in arms, as well as small birds in cages can be transported free of charge.

The transport tariff for a medium or large dog is collected by issuing a ticket for 50% the price of a Regio train fare, 2nd class, for an adult, on the same route.

For a dog being transported on board coaches without a valid traveling ticket, a full price ticket is to be issued in train, according to the train rank and the kilometer distance traveled by the passenger owning of the dog.


The access of dangerous dogs on board coaches is prohibited  – fighting and attack dogs, assimilated through the morphological characters with dogs of the type Pit Bull, Boerbull, Bandog and their half-breeds.
The access on coaches of dogs from the breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, Tosa, Rottweiller, Dog Argentinian, Mastino Napolitano, Fila Brazileiro, Mastiff, Caucasian Shepherd, Cane Corso and their half-breeds are allowed, only if they :

  • wear a cage muzzle
  • have a health card
  • are kept on a leash by a person who meets the following conditions:
    • to be at least 18 years old;
    • to have full exercise capacity;
    • not to have been convicted of a crime against a person.

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