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Interrail, one ticket for all Europe


Dear Interrail traveler,

You have chosen the perfect way to explore Europe – by TRAIN! With the Interrail Pass you will be able to travel in the most possible interesting way, which will give you the opportunity to appreciate Europe’s spectacular landscapes as well as its cultural and historical heritage.

Interrail Pass allows unlimited journeys by most trains in Europe. With Interrail Pass you can also travel on some maritime routes.

Interrail Pass is an offer with convenient prices, available for 1st class and 2nd class for the following passenger categories: Adult, Youth, Child and Senior.

Children aged between 4 and 11 on the first day of validity of the Pass, can travel with a free Child Pass, when travelling with an Adult Pass holder. Maximum two children can travel free of charge accompanied by an adult with an Interrail Pass.

Interrail is a nominal ticket and is valid only with an identity card.

You can choose one of the two variants of the Interrail Pass:


Interrail allows greater flexibility and freedom of choice for the traveler, both in terms of countries in which we can travel as well as the time we have. Interrail Global Pass is also valid in the country of residence – just one round-trip.

If an adult owner of a pass travels with more than two children, one young pass shall be issued for each of the other children.

Reservation and supplements | Although Interrail Pass offers unlimited travel access in the participating countries, some trains require the reservation of a seat that is charged additionally. More details are provided below by accessing – Terms of use EURAIL and INTERRAIL PASS 2024.

For journey planning, you can use the “Rail Planner App” (available for iPhone and Android), an information tool with the help of which you can:

  • quickly find departure and arrival times for European trains (timetable of the European trains is offline)
  • make bookings online (e-ticket)
  • find railway stations stations near you
  • save your most common searches as favorites
  • see all the benefits for Interrail Pass holders
  • view the journey by train on an interactive map

Where can you buy? The Interrail passes can be purchased from the ticket offices at the railway stations and CFR Passengers’ Agencies that issue train tickets in international traffic, up to three months in advance.

For more information visit or follow the Facebook page.

Create your own story with unlimited Interrail route possibilities!

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