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Due to technical reasons, tickets can be bought momentarily from Austria for train 347 Vienna  – Bucharest, only from the rail station. Until the situation shall be remedied, you can buy tickets online from CFR Calatori click Show onboard the train the mobile phone with the message confirming the ticket payment.

Facilities for disabled persons

Law no. 448/2006 on the protection and promotion of disabled persons’ rights, as amended and supplemented, provides for disabled persons FREE transport by Regio and Interregio train, at 2-nd class.

Free rail journeys are made based on the free round-trip ticket, granted according to the Law no. 448/2006, a ticket which is printed and distributed to the beneficiaries of the Law no. 448/2006 by the General Directorate for Social Services and Child Protection of counties and districts. The same free ticket can be used so that the one-way trip can be made by an interurban transport operator and the return trip by another interurban transport operator.

The disabled person can travel alone or with a single attendant or personal care assistant, as the case may be. The attendant travelling by the disabled person can be any person.

Personal care assistants can travel alone, without a holder, based on the free tickets granted under the Law no. 448/2006.

In order to be allowed to travel, the passenger shall submit the following documents to the ticket counters of the CFR Călători stations or travel agencies, before starting the journey:

  • The free ticket (for the disabled person, his/her attentant or personal care assistant, as the case may be) to be filled in by the beneficiary, in ink or by roller pen, under the headings: „From the station ……” – with departure station; „To the station ……” – with destination station, after prior consultation with the ticket counter staff;
  • The ticket issued to persons with disabilities by DGASPC  (General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection) or, in its absence, the original identity card (ID, identity card or temporary identity card) for the trip holder (in case of children up to 14 years old – copy of birth certificate)  and of the personal care assistant;
  • When travelling with an attendant, data on the holder’s ticket must match the data on the attendant’s ticket, namely: first name and last name of the disabled person, route, travel date, train number and travel direction (both tickets shall have either ONE-WAY or RETURN trip).

You can travel on a sleeping car/berth car at 1st class only with full payment of the tariff differences and, as appropriate, the reservation fee.

When checking the tickets onboard beneficiaries of the Law  no.448/2006 will submit the ticket obtained from ticket counters and the following documents:

the disabled person – his/her own free ticketand, the ticket issued to the person with disabilities by DGASPC or, in its absence,  the original or copy of the birth certificate for children up to 14 years old; if travelling with an attendant, the disabled person shall also submit the free ticket for the attentand, having filled in the same travel data as the free ticket of the disabled person.

the personal care attendant shall sumbit his/her own free ticket, obtained from the ticket counters and shall prove his/her own identity by his/her own original identity document.

People using a free ticket for an attentand and not attending the holder, are considered to travel without a ticket and shall be treated according to the legal provisions in force.

People using free tickets without submiting the identity documents referred to above or have exceeded the expiry date are considered to travel without a ticket and shall be treated according to the legal provisions.

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