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Facilities for the beneficiaries of Law no. 118/2000

Facilities for the beneficiairies of the Decree-Law no. 118/1990

Decree-law no. 118/1990 on the rights of the persons which have been prosecuted due to political reasons by the dictatorship installed beginning with the 6th of March 1945, as well as the persons deported abroad or made prisoners, provides for the beneficiaries of Decree-Law no. 12, a number of 12 yearly free simple trips on the Romanian railways, with trains of any rank, at 1st class. These people are entitled to travel together with several companions, family members, within the number of journeys set out for the holder. Each companion will travel based on the coupon corresponding to the holder, only accompanying the holder.

The special travel coupon, granted based on the Decree-Law no. 118/1990, may also be used by the spouse or other persons authorized by the holders of the free journeys to represent their interest based on a certified date power of attorney, in original, accompanied by a copy of the holder’s identity card, not requiring the holder’s presence when traveling.

In order to purchase the tickets, the owner of the passes must present the special travelling permit at the ticket offices, in original, as well as the identity document, also in original. The mandated persons must present (in original) the special travelling permit of the pass owner, the identity document of the pass owner in copy, as well as a mandate or power of attorney, with an exact date, in original.

The journey by train is carried out with the ticket obtained based on the coupon that is detached from the special travel coupon by the carrier’s staff. Special coupon consists of the actual coupon, six detachable coupons and six detachable attached-coupons, corresponding to six one-way journeys.

The attached-coupons are used only for railway transport, when changing the contract of carriage.

Travelling at sleeping/berth car, or on another route than the one stated on the special travel coupon can be made only with the full payment of the corresponding tariff differences.

Loss or damage to the special free travel coupon by the beneficiaries of the free journeys makes it impossible to perform the free journeys. Special travel coupons with erasures, corrections, or illegible printed data will not be accepted for transport.

When checking tickets onboard, the owner of the pass presents the special travelling permit, from which the coupon for the respective journey has been detached, as well as the identity document in original, while the persons mandated by the owners to represent their interests shall present the special travelling permit in original, from which the coupon for the respective journey has been detached, mandate from the Notary Public / power of attorney, in original, pass owner’s identity document in copy, as well as his own identity document.

Special coupons for free railway journeys, granted under the Decree-Law no. 118/1990, shall be issued and distributed by the National House of Pension or territorial houses of pension.

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