General conditions

The deadline by which you can buy tickets, as compared to the departure time of the train, is set based on the location from where these are purchased, as follows:

  • 3 – 5 minutes before the train departure from the railway station for day coaches and before closing the sale in the system for sleeping/berth coach, when purchasing the tickets from the departure stations;
  • a certain set timeframe (which cannot be less than that referred to in the previous paragraph), depending on the location of the CFR travel agency as related to the departure station, when purchasing the tickets from the CFR travel agencies;
  • 5 minutes before the train departure for those who choose to purchase the travel card from the ticket machines in the stations
  • before the departure time of the train from the railway station of boarding, in the case of ONLINE procurement of travel permits in domestic traffic

The maximum deadlines for selling the tickets in advance set out at points A, B, C and H may change at any time if operating conditions require it. The modification can be done for all passenger trains or specifically only for certain trains.

Changing of maximum deadlines for selling in advance will be brought to the travelers’ knowledge before the change is in effect, both through messages displayed on the ”CFR Călători” official website and via posters placed at all ticket issuing points.

In case of force majeure, the modification of the maximum deadlines for selling in advance can be made without prior notice, with a notification posted on the official website of “CFR Călători”.

For the electronically issued tickets, when requesting travel by successive trains (up to 4 trains) a single ticket is issued, with annex tickets (for all the trains along the route) provided that the departure time of the last chosen connection train is within a maximum range of 48 hours since the departure time from the departure station (the initial boarding passenger station). The minimum interval between the arrival time of a train and the departure time of the next connection train cannot be less than 15 minutes and cannot exceed 23 hours and 59 minutes. If travelling is requested for trains that do not fall under the above conditions (travelling made by more than 4 trains or the departure time of a train on the routewith more than 48 hours calculated since the departure time from the departure railway station, or the interval between 2 successive trains being more than 23 hours and 59 minutes, or the interval between the arrival time of a train and the departure time of the next connecting train is less than 15 minutes) the route made by these trains will not be considered as a single journey, case in which different tickets will be issued.

When purchasing the tickets, you have the obligation of checking whether they correspond to your request. Any complaint is to be addressed immediately to the chief of the passenger railway station, to the chief of the CFR travel agency or to their replacing persons, otherwise complaints about discrepancies between your request and the travel details printed on the ticket shall not be allowed.


Important to know!

  • The discount is applied when buying full fare tickets for travelling with Regio and Interregio trains, 1st and 2nd class, and shall not cumulate with other facilities or discounts offered by CFR Călători.
  • The tariff of the reservation ticket for the day coach, namely of the bed supplement for tavelling on board sleeper or berth coaches, shall be paid in full.
  • The online ticket sales application shall automatically display the best offer for the customer, depending on the selected data.
  • Anticipating, postponing or interrupting the trip, as well as the reimbursement requests of the transport tariffs, shall be done under the specific conditions of each sales channel.
  • When using the automatic vending machines, the bank card you pay with must be insterted in the card reader, contactless payment not being available.
IMPORTANT! Starting with 01.07.2021 and until new provisions, travel cards will be issued in advance of a maximum of 30 days.

a) by electronic issuing, for travelling in domestic traffic in advance up to a maximum of 30 days, including the return trip, or in advance up to a maximum of 60 days in organized groups of at least 30 people, and for travelling in international traffic with anticipation of up to a maximum of 90 days. When setting the anticipation time limit both the current day and the train’s day of departure are taken into account;

b)  by manual issuing(on printed forms), for railway stations that do not have electronic issuing, in advance with a maximum of 10 days (including the train’s day of departure). For trains with reservation regime, the advance sale will be made only between 7:30-18:30, seat reservation being obtained by phone order.

On, for all trains running in domestic traffic with reservation regime (InterCity, InterRegio, Regio Expres and some Regio trains on certain routes, for which there is the “Buy” button), with online payment.


  • Availability: 7 days out of 7,
  • Tickets are purchased directly from the website and presenting yourself to the CFR Călători sale points is not necessary,
  • Travel data will be sent by email and will be available anytime on the user’s own profile.

The possibility for online modification of the tickets purchased from the site

In order to support the passengers purchasing tickets directly from the site, the online sales platform now allows changing the already purchased tickets by using the “Modify travel data” function.

The new function allows changing the date and the hour of the travel, the train category, the reservation class as well as the route, given that the departure and arrival stations, the number of passengers, the passenger category and their names from the original ticket remain unchanged.

Changing a purchased ticket can be made, only once, with the payment of the tariff differences calculated according to the regulations in force, before the departure of the initial train, for trains that run within the period available for the purchase of a ticket online (respectively for 30 days in advance).

After operating the modification, with payment of the eventual fare differences, the initial ticket is no longer valid and a new ticket will be issued for the passenger, which will be sent on the email address in .pdf format.

Why to download the CFR Călători application?

  • The application can be accessed WHEREEVER YOU ARE. Important: Activate your mobile data!
  • You can find out AT ANY TIME when the next train leaves
  • You buy the train ticket FAST AND EASY
  • You can view and show the TICKET  DIRECTLY FROM THE APPLICATION
  • Important: Ticket printing is not required! On the train, it is necessary to present the QR code for scanning.
  • Buy SAFELYAll transactions are secure.

Download apps!

FROM THE AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINES BELONGING TO CFR CĂLĂTORI, in advance up to maximum 30 days, including for the return journey. The tickets obtained from these automatic vending machines, have the same regime as the ones obtained from any sale point of the railway station;

Railway stations where CFR automatic vending machines can be found:

Aeroport Henri Coandă, Bucureşti Nord, București Basarab, Ploieşti Sud, Sinaia, Busteni, Craiova, Timişoara, Arad, Cluj, Braşov, Predeal, Miercurea-Ciuc, Sibiu, Iaşi, Constanța

How to use:

The automatic vending machines (ATM) are easy to use via a touch-screen, and they have a credit card reader (POS) included for paying the tickets. They are equipped with the required modules and applications for issuing tickets and seat reservation and offer a wide range of services:

  • Inform the passenger about the timetable (departure and arrival times of the trains)
  • Ticket selling
  • Paying by card of the tickets purchased with printing the associated receipt for the banking transaction

The passengers can buy the tickets in a very short time, following a simple procedure: choosing the travel dates, the route, the train type and the seat reservation, without having to go to the issuing point in the railway stations or to the travel agencies.

Which tickets can you buy?

From these distribution systems you can buy:

  • full price CFR tickets, tickets for children, pupils*, student*, return tickets for all reservation classes, including sleeping, berth cars and tickets bought with card TrenPlus Card
  • the monthly travel subscriptions.

*only based on the pupil ID, respectively student ID obtained according to the regulations in force; more details can be obtained from the CFR Calatori staff from ticket offices in CFR stations or agencies or by accessing the website:, at domestic traffic/facilities/discounts for pupils and students.


The automatic vending machines print a ticket for every passenger. If not all the tickets are printed or for other problems, the passengers are kindly asked to report them to the commercial staff of the respective unit.

FROM THE TRAIN STAFF which serves CFR Călători trains, as follows:

1. at the tariff without extra payment – the transportation rate for which the tickets are released, set out in paragraphs a and b (paragraph A. FROM THE TICKET OFFICES OF RAILWAY STATIONS OR FROM THE RAIL TRAVEL AGENCIES),when the passengers board on the train from the stopping points of the trains where there is no possibility of buying the travel cards from authorized staff or automatic vending machines or the passengers board on the train from the stopping points served by authorized staff (distributor authorized by the CFR Călători, post office, etc.) which has no issuing office at the stopping point, provided that, immediately after boarding the train they request to buy a ticket, otherwise the onboard fare is applied in the train. The train staff also issues tickets to the tariff without extra payment in the following situations:

  • in case of discontinuation of the ticket sale for a limited period (when the railway cashier, ticket seller is on vacation, medical leave, etc.),
  • when the passenger presents a ticket issued on board the train to the tariff without extra payment or on board fare in the train/a ticket issued by an authorized distributor or from a station master, valid for a train which has arrived in the boarding railway station for the new train within a period of up to 15 minutes (arrival time according to schedule or due to the delay of the first train), in this case, to the special mentions on the ticket issued on board the train there shall be recorded the ticket number valid on the previous train.

2. on-board fare in the train, if, for whatever reason, the passenger has not purchased tickets under the conditions shown in paragraphs a and b (paragraph A. FROM THE TICKET OFFICES OF CF RAILWAY STATIONS OR CF TRAVEL AGENCIES), except for cases provided at paragraph D.1. The on-board fare is higher than the tariff without extra payment;

The train staff shall not issue travel cards from the CFR Călători travel offers.

Sleeping car and berth car seats purchased and unoccupied by the ticket holder within 1 hour from the train departure from the boarding station (written on the ticket), shall be considered unoccupied and will be sold by the sleeping car attendant.

In the stopping points – railway stations, flag stops, commercial stops – not served by the authorized agents, tickets shall be issued for the routes that are more travelled – distances of up to 200 km, but only for a single train (departing from the respective station) following that, if necessary, for long trips to continue purchasing tickets from one of the railway stations on the way.

In case of direct trains, servicing travel routes longer than 200 km, for passengers who are boarding the train from the stopping points served by the authorized agents, the train staff shall issue tickets to the tariff without extra payment, in accordance with theparagraph D.1.

For passengers who are boarding the train from the stopping points served by the authorized agents and benefit of a free journey by rail, the free travel tickets will be marked/issued by the train staff, in compliance with the in force regulation.

FROM TRAVEL AGENCIES OR OTHER TRADE COMPANIES ACCREDITED “authorized distributors” and which issue “online CFR tickets”.
      Condition fiind here.


According to art.2 par.(e), with subsequent amendments in 2011, par.(ș) for the application of the GEO no. 28/1999 on the obligation of economic agents to use fiscal electronic cash registers, the provisions of art. 1, par. (1) shall not apply to:

e) public passenger transport based on tickets or season-tickets printed according to the law, as well as by subway;

ș) public passenger rail transport services in domestic and international traffic, provided by Romanian legal entities

Therefore, CFR Călători does not issue a fiscal receipt for the train ticket, the fiscal items required by law being mentioned on the ticket.

CFR Călători issues a tax invoice for the ticket purchased, at the passenger’s request. Details of this service can be easily found on the