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Beginning with July 2023, the passengers buying monthly travel passes – Nelimitat 30, Flexi 5, 10 or 15 and weekly – Nelimitat 7 can also choose to charge them in a digital format, on card support.

1. Where can I obtain a Transport Card from and what are the benefits?

• The Transport Card is issued on the basis of a request form filled by the passenger at the ticket offices from the stations and the CFR Călători travel agencies, only for the purchase of “pass” type tickets with full payment.
• For a passenger owning a Transport Card, issuing the digital passes (charging a pass on the card), as well as paying for the fare differences (train rank difference and/or reservation ticket) shall be done at any ticket office or automatic vending machine belonging to CFR Călători (Kioşk).
• The owners of a Transport Card do not need to fill a request form when recharging the monthly passes (Nelimitat 30), as well as the weekly ones, (Nelimitat 7) with an unlimited number of travels. Attention! The Flexi 5, 10 or 15 monthly passes require fulfilling a request form for every recharge.
• In order to recharge the passes on the card from the kioșk CFR automatic vending machines, the passengers shall specify both the card series, as well as their personal numerical codes, as the system checks the validity of the transport card, as well as the correspondence of the card series – personal numerical code association.
• In case of loss, theft or damage of the Transport Card, it can be replaced by paying the issuing fee. Attention! When replacing the card, all the digital passes which are still valid at that time shall be automatically transferred on the new card.

2. What does the „Transport Card” look like?





3. How are the passes loaded on the Transport Card reimbursed?

a. Partial reimbursement (within the validity period of the pass) shall be done at the issuing facility on the basis of a request form fulfilled by the passenger, with the automatic deduction of the respective fees.
b. Full reimbursement, before the first day of validity, can be done at any facility.

4. On board the train, how is the pass checked by the train staff?

• When scanned, the transport cards are automatically recognised by the mobile device of the train staff.
• Following the scan of a transport card loaded with a valid pass, the information regarding the type of the pass, the route, the validity period, as well as the client’s identification data, shall be displayed, data which shall be compared to the ones from the identity document.

5. What is the fee for issuing the Transport Card and what is its’ validity period?

The issuing fee is 5 RON, while the validity period is of 4 years.

6. What are our future goals?

• The possibility of online pass recharging, on the basis of a Transport Card which has already been purchased from the ticket offices.
• Implementing this type of card for pupils and students.

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