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Tickets for international destinations can be purchased from the website www.cfrcalatori.rothrough the application Buy online tickets / International traffic or directly from the link –

The application allows the online purchase of international tickets for one way or round trips. Tickets can also be purchased for a domestic route from a foreign country or for routes between two foreign countries.

Online ticket purchase for international destinations is possible within a range that can vary from maximum 3 months in advance, to:

–          48 hours before the beginning of the trip, if choosing to buy tickets from a CFR Călători station/agency;

–          8 days before the beginning of the trip, if choosing the tickets delivery by courier.

If the trip includes local traffic trains, tickets can be purchased maximum 1 month in advance.

In order to travel with international tickets purchased online, the passenger must take possession of these transport documents either by picking them up from a CFR station or by courier delivery, at the passenger’s choice when making the order.

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How to buy ONLINE train tickets in international traffic!


Agencies and stations where tickets bought online can be picked up