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From June to October 2019, CFR Călători comes back with an offer to travel by a direct train to GREECE (Thessaloniki)!

Those who choose Thessaloniki as a holiday destination and travel on Bucharest North – Thessaloniki route, must know that:

  • they pay 44 Euro, for one-way trip at 2nd class car
  • they pay 55 Euro, for one-way trip at berth car with 6 beds in the cabin
  • they pay 61 Euro, for one-way trip at berth car with 4 beds in the cabin
  • the offer is valid between 07.06.2019 – 06.10.2019
  • the train will run one day a week, departing from Bucharest North on Fridays, departing from Thessaloniki on Sundays

Prices may vary slightly depending on your currency exchange rate.

For more details, please contact the ticket counter staff in the CFR Călători stations and travel agencies issuing tickets in international traffic.

Have a nice trip!

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