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Circuit Ticket

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  • Valid 2 months from the day when trip starts;
  • visa is required when trip starts;
  • Unlimited number of interruptions (at least 3 interruptions of minimum 24 hours);
  • Can be bought for individual trips or in groups of maximum 6 people;
  • Closure twice of the circuit at the departure station not allowed;

What is the circular-tour ticket?

It is a travel ticket that entitles any traveler or a group of maximum 6 people to make a trip on a chosen circuit, as desired, on the CFR railway network.


  • This travel card is valid 2 months from the start date of the journey (stated on the ticket) and entitles an unlimited number of interruptions during the term of validity, performing at least 3 interruptions of at least 24 hours being mandatory;
  • This ticket can be used also for a train of a higher rank than the one for which it was issued, but only by paying the fare      differences and those for the seat booking tickets for all the persons listed on the ticket;


The circular-tour ticket is issued upon written request of the passengers to the travel agency or to the authorized CFR railway stations which issue travel cards in advance, no later than 24 hours before the start of the journey.

The ticket issuance request must contain the following data: 

  • name and surname of the applicant;
  • series and number of the identity card and by whom it was issued (for foreign citizens can be a passport, identity card, residence permit);
  • the class and the category of the train by which travelling is desired to be made (Regio, Interregio);
  • chosen circuit on which the ticket is intended to be issued;
  • names and surnames of the persons accompanying the holder (up to 5 people), including the name of the children, for which their age shall be specified; the age of children will be considered at the start of the journey;
  • start date of the journey;

On board the train, when checking the travel tickets, travelers will present the identity documents mentioned on the ticket application for both the holder and the accompanying persons.

When determining the circuit, it is not allowed to:

  • close twice or more in origin railway station or on route;
  • use other modes of transport on the routes on which one may travel by train;


At the start of the journey the ticket shall be presented for visa at the ticket office of the initial departure railway station specified on the ticket or at the CFR travel agency. The ticket can be also targeted to another railway station in route written on the ticket, without the right to refund the distance which has not been covered.


Tariffs collected for circular-tour tickets shall be refunded only in case of:

  •  Renouncing the travel, based on “unused” visa applied before the start of the journey;
  •  Partial usage for good reason (sickness, accidents, etc.), based on supporting documents;

These refunds can only be made by the Regional Passenger Railway Transport Divisions, to which the issuing unit belongs to, only upon written request accompanied by supporting documents

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