Posted 25-08-2023 into the News


With the application “CFR Travel tickets online” you can purchase tickets directly from your phone.

Application available in Google Play, Apple AppStore, Huawei AppGallery

Once installed on your phone, you can enjoy a lot of advantages:

o At any time you can purchase the ticket or find out when the next train departs
o The ticket can be viewed and presented to the train staff directly from the application, even if you do not have internet access. Important! Printing the ticket is not mandatory
o Buy SAFE. The operation is carried out under conditions of maximum security including memorizing the card for quick follow-up.
o Benefit from the offers of the TrainPlus Card (those who hold this card), the round-trip ticket, discounts when purchasing in advance. Attention! These offers are not cumulative
o You will be notified in the application with one hour, then 10 minutes before the planned departure (the train, the car and your seats) and respectively 10 minutes before the planned disembarkation.
o You can get real-time information about the train you are traveling with before the train arrives or even during the journey by accessing “My Train” section
o Those who want an invoice for the ticket can request it from the application. The invoice is issued within the legal term, for the entire ticket (egg. if you travel in a group, the invoice will be issued for the amount paid on the group ticket, not individually)
o You can see the history of purchased tickets. You have access to all tickets purchased in the past
o If your plans have changed, you should know that you can change the date of the journey, the train or the class, until the time of the start of the journey, within the limits of available seats, or cancel the journey.

For the return journey within the round-trip ticket, the option “Cancel the journey” is possible after the outbound journey has been completed.