Assistance for disabled people


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For people with reduced mobility (PRM) CFR Călători provides free of charge, in some stations and in some trains in domestic and international traffic,
the following services:
  • Assistence in the stations of departure, in arrival stations and in interchange stations trains, where appropriate, tailored to each traveler disability.
  • Additional services required to PRM:
    • Boarding and disembarkation of reduced mobility persons, handicapped persons, as well as their attendants and luggage, including persons in wheelchairs, foldable or not, with or without attendant, through different solutions, depending on their weight;
    • Accompanying within the premises of the railway station, until boarding the train (in the booked coach and seat), including their luggage;
    • Accompanying from disembarking the train until exiting the station of handicapped and reduced mobility persons (PRM), as well as their attendants, including transport of their luggage (with their handing over from the booked seat until exiting the station);
  • Reservation of seats in trains 
  • Assistence on board trains in circulation

CFR Călători provides assistance to all higher ranking trains (IR), only between the opened railway stations for such type of transport, for all PRM categories, except people with motor disability in the unfolded wheelchair.

Asistance services for people with motor disability in the unfolded wheelchair is provided only at the 2nd class and only between stations open for such type of transport and to certain trains.

Railway stations that provide such service, list valid from 01.12.2023

Trains with asistance services for people with motor disability in the unfolded wheelchair, list valid from 10.12.2023 

The services mentioned above are provided for the following categories of persons with reduced mobility:
  1. Persons with motor disabilities: – With a disability requiring transport without a wheelchair, which move with difficulty, eventually with walking helper equipment (metallic frame, tricycle, crutches etc.); – With a disability, in a non-foldable wheelchair; – With a disability, in a foldable wheelchair.
  2. Persons with an auditory disability;
  3. Persons with a visual disability, including persons accompanied by an assistant dog;
  4. Persons with a mental disability;
  5. Elderly persons which require assistance when boarding/ disembarking the train;
To qualify for specific services related to your disability for travel by train, it is appropriate to request it not later than 36 hours prior to the travel date, specifying all the details required (identification data, disability, necessary services etc.)
as follows:
  1. by filling in the standard form available at points of sale of CFR or other authorized distributors or sau
  2. by filling in on-line the demand for PRM services
In case you fill in the standard form at the sales outlets of CFR Călători or other authorized distributors, railway station or travel agencies, under the guidance of ticket office staff, you should consider the following:
  • Your assistence request will be registered under a unique number that will be communicated at submission the application.
  • The necessary travel cards required for starting the trip must be purchased within 3 calendar days, but no later than 24 hours before the date and time of departure of the first train on the route you have chosen. At purchase of the travel cards you will be provided “The confirmation standard form of ensuring the required services”, which will contain all necessary details of your trip.
  • In case you don`t purchase the travel cards within due date, your application will be canceled.

It is important to know that you can apply for assistance and if you own travel cards and reservations in international traffic with boarding, changing the train or lowering in a railway station in Romania. In this case, please provide these cards together with the assistance application and fill in the appropriate standard form under the guidance of counter staff.

In the event that after purchasing the travel cards you want to canceling it and refund the fees paid, you must present toany selling point of the CFR Călători or other authorized distributors, railway stations or travel agencies before the departure of the first train of the route you have selected there where you will fill in a waiver form of specific services requested and cancellations of the trip

Submission of the nominally certificate attesting the disability is mandatory in the following situations:
  • At the request of specific services at a selling point of CFR Călători or other authorized distributors, railway stations or travel agents to complete the standard form;
  • When presenting in the departure station if your request was made on-line
  • Additional information can be requested by phone 0731990987, from Monday to Sunday between the following hours: 8:00 – 20:00.

You can also address your questions by mail to