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Passengers who wish to enjoy the 25% discount for each journey and choose the offer „TrenPlus Card” in digital format, can request this card type at the ticket office.

1. Where can I buy the digital media for „TrenPlus Card” offer and what are the advantages
  • The card-type media can be purchased at the ticket offices, for a fee, based on an application filled in by the passenger and is more durable, rechargeable and valid for 4 years.
  • „TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format will be loaded onto a card-type media. Passengers who want the “TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format, can buy discounted train tickets, under the same commercial conditions as before, namely:
    1. 1directly from the phone, by installing the app “CFR Călători online tickets”
    2. online, from the website www.cfrcalatori,
    3. from any CFR Călători ticket office in stations or CFR travel agencies
    4. from ticket vending machines belonging to CFR Călători (Kioșk)
2. How does the card-type media on which the offer „TrenPlus Card” is loaded in digital format look like?

3. If I bought the offer „TrenPlus Card” issued on heat-reactive cardboard, can I switch to the digital version?

Passenger who already have a TrenPlus Card offer in physical format, issued on heat-reactive cardboard, can request to be changed to a digital format and loaded onto a card-type media, while maintaining the validity period.

4. What is the validity period of „ TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format?

„TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format is valid for 1 year, starting from the issue day.

5. How is the digital TrenPlus Card checked on the train by the train staff?

When checking on board, by scanning the QR code, “TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format will be automatically recognized by the mobile device belonging to the train staff. After the scan, the following information will be displayed: validity period, identification data of the passenger, which will be compared with those on the identity document. It will be then checked whether the ticket issued based on the offer is within its validity period.

6. What is the price of the card-type media on which “TrenPlus Card” offer can be loaded in digital format?

The price is 5 lei.

7. What happens if you lose the card or if it is stolen or damaged?

In case of loss/theft or damage to the card-type media on which the “TrenPlus Card” offer is loaded in digital format, the passenger will submit an identity card at the ticket office, fill out an application, and then pay the amount of 5 lei for issuing the new card.
Good to know! When replacing the card-type media, the user data and TrenPlus Card offer are maintained with the same validity from the previous card media.

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