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The offer is intended for individual travelers but also for smaller groups of a maximum of 5 people. Recommended for traveling between Romania – Austria and Austria – Romania, via Hungary. Route Prices started Arad – Innsbruck 45 euro Bucharest –Graz 51 euro Brasov- Graz 47 euro București -Viena 38 euro Cluj Napoca – Salzburg 46 euro Constanța -Salzburg 58 euro Deva – Innsbruck 50 euro Iași – Viena 38 euro Sinaia – Viena 36 euro Timișoara -Viena 25 euro Important to know! Travel pass are valid for 3 days The number of seat laces are limited The offer is available for sale at least 1 day before the first day of validity The offer is valid for 2nd and 1st class Travelers must use…

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La Budapesta potu ajunge cu Trenul!

SMART SemiFlex Hungary offer

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Are you traveling on the Romania – Hungary routes and back? Choose Smart SemiFlex Hungary offer … The offer is intended for individual passengers and small groups of maximum 5 persons, for travel on the Romania – Hungary and Hungary – Romania routes. Examples of prices for 2nd class coach Route Prices starting from Bucharest North – Budapesta 41 € Cluj Napoca – Budapest 26 € Brasov – Budapest 36 € Sibiu – Budapest 32 € Satu Mare – Budapesta 21 € Constanta – Budapesta 46 € Iasi – Budapesta 41 € Cluj Napoca – Debrecen 19 € Baia Mare – Debrecen 12 € Cluj Napoca – Gyor 32 € Important to know! Tickets are valid for 3 days Number of seats is limited The…

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The “TRAIN TO SKATE” campaign

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Discounts When Entering the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink For Persons Showing a Train Ticket   The campaign supports the fans of sports on ice who wish to pratice them no matter the weather outside, and to reach by train the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink from Otopeni. CFR Călători, in cooperation with the Ţiriac Foundation and the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink, encourages practicing sports among children, teenagers and adults. People travelling by train on the Bucharest North – Patinoarul PO (Otopeni) route, shall be granted discounts when entering the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink, on the basis of the train ticket. The TRAIN TO SKATE se derulează în perioada 03-30 noiembrie 2022, astfel: People who wish to skate purchase a ticket for the CFR Călători train, on the Bucharest…

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The Royal Station of Bucharest Băneasa

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Built during the same period as the Royal Station of Sinaia (1937-1938) and the underground passage from the Mioriţa Fountain, the Royal Station of Bucharest Băneasa was intended for the departures and arrivals of King Carol the Second, members of the government, the Royal Family and high dignitaries invited in the capital. The esplanade connecting the station of Băneasa to the main road allowed for troop alignment and development of processions. During the communist era, it became a presidential station, currently being used for boarding / disembarkation of passengers of some trains travelling on the 800 mainline. Since 2012, the Royal Station of Băneasa, a station with historical significance, is periodically used by the Royal Family of Romania as a departure and arrival point for…

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The Caracău Viaduct – the largest concrete arched viaduct in Romania

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The Caracău Viaduct in Harghita county is the most important construction on the Miercurea-Ciuc – Ghimeş railway route, put into use on October the 18th 1897, with the opening of the Ciceu – Ghimeş railway line, important due to the fact that it connects Moldova with Transylvania. Built in a mountainous region, on a rugged terrain, difficult to access, it represents the largest artwork executed by CFR after the construction of the bridge from Cernavoda. It was destroyed in both world wars, in 1916 and 1944, respectively, and rebuilt each time. After the Second World War, from December 1944 until February the 12th 1945, the Romanian construction engineers made a temporary wooden viaduct. This was a unique performance in the history of railway construction. In…

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The Filiași – Bumbești – Livezeni railway

Postat 22-07-2021 in Events

The Filiași – Bumbești – Livezeni railway connects the Transylvanian Plateau with the Romanian Plain through the coal basin from the Jiu Valley and is famous in history for the Bumbești – Livezeni section, completed a few years after the Second World War. Besides the paramount importance in rail transport, the railway that crosses the Jiu gorge also offers spectacular landscapes. Spanning 117 km in length, the railway line was built by the CFR administration between 1886-1948 in five stages. During the first 2 stages, the Filiași – Cărbunești (46 km) and Cărbunești – Târgu Jiu (24 km) railway sections were inaugurated in 1888, the works being carried out at a sustained pace because they were declared works of public utility. For 27 years, Târgu…

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