PNRR: Fonduri pentru România modernă și reformată!

Postat 15-01-2024 in Events

Societatea Națională de Transport Feroviar de Călători ”CFR Călători” SA, în calitate de beneficiar, a semnat contractul de finanțare aferent proiectului de investiții  cu titlul: “Modernizarea a 55 de locomotive electrice destinate remorcării trenurilor de călători, conversia a 20 locomotive diesel hidraulice de manevră în locomotive electrice cu acumulatori și modernizarea a 139 vagoane de călători”. Contractul de finanțare nr. 45/13.12.2023 face parte din Planul Național de Redresare și Reziliență (PNRR), Pilonul 1 – Tranziția spre o economie verde, Componenta C4. Transport sustenabil, Investiția I2 – Material rulant feroviar și asigură finațarea pentru proiectul de investiții “Modernizarea a 55 de locomotive electrice destinate remorcării trenurilor de călători, conversia a 20 locomotive diesel hidraulice de manevră în locomotive electrice cu acumulatori și modernizarea a 139 vagoane…

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„TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format

Postat 29-11-2023 in Events

Passengers who wish to enjoy the 25% discount for each journey and choose the offer „TrenPlus Card” in digital format, can request this card type at the ticket office. 1. Where can I buy the digital media for „TrenPlus Card” offer and what are the advantages The card-type media can be purchased at the ticket offices, for a fee, based on an application filled in by the passenger and is more durable, rechargeable and valid for 4 years. „TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format will be loaded onto a card-type media. Passengers who want the “TrenPlus Card” offer in digital format, can buy discounted train tickets, under the same commercial conditions as before, namely: 1directly from the phone, by installing the app “CFR Călători online…

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Festivalul Electric Castle – Bonțida, 19-23 iulie

Postat 08-08-2023 in Events

CFR Călători îți propune să descoperi în fiecare weekend o destinație turistică sau un eveniment cultural de top din România. Dacă ești pasionat de muzică electronică, vino cu trenurile CFR Călători la Electric Castle, unul dintre cele mai mari festivaluri de muzică din România, care are loc pe domeniul Castelului Banffy de la Bonțida – Cluj, între 19 și 23 iulie! În perioada festivalului, între 18 și 24 iulie, un număr suplimentar de trenuri CFR Călători vor avea oprire la Boțida Hm, iar în anumite zile din acest interval de timp, vor circula și trenuri suplimentare. Detalii, aici! Pentru a vedea orarul trenurilor spre Bonțida și Cluj Napoca, intră aici! – Cumpără bilet dus-întors cu minim o zi înainte de efectuarea călătoriei și beneficiază de reducerea* de 10%. Detalii, aici!…

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Choose CFR Călători and be present at the opening of Timișoara 2023 – the European Capital of Culture!

Postat 16-02-2023 in Romania train trip Events

CFR Călători invites you to be the first at the opening festivities, on February 17-19! Choose the  round-trip ticket and you will benefit from a 10% discount* on the train of any class or buy a TrainPlus Card  and you will benefit from a 25% discount* on Regio and Interregio class trains for a period of one year from the card issuance date! In addition, if you choose the TrainPlus Card, you will be able to take part in other events in Timișoara or you can travel anywhere you want during the validity period of the card, with the same 25% discount! Tickets can be purchased online. Buy ONLINE tickets in domestic traffic! BUY You can find below some examples of fares for 1 adult,…

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The “TRAIN TO SKATE” campaign

Postat 08-11-2022 in Events

Discounts When Entering the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink For Persons Showing a Train Ticket   The campaign supports the fans of sports on ice who wish to pratice them no matter the weather outside, and to reach by train the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink from Otopeni. CFR Călători, in cooperation with the Ţiriac Foundation and the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink, encourages practicing sports among children, teenagers and adults. People travelling by train on the Bucharest North – Patinoarul PO (Otopeni) route, shall be granted discounts when entering the Allianz-Ţiriac Arena Skating Rink, on the basis of the train ticket. The TRAIN TO SKATE takes place between 08.04.2023 – 31.05.2023, as follows: People who wish to skate purchase a ticket for the CFR Călători train, on…

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The Royal Station of Bucharest Băneasa

Postat 04-08-2021 in Events

Built during the same period as the Royal Station of Sinaia (1937-1938) and the underground passage from the Mioriţa Fountain, the Royal Station of Bucharest Băneasa was intended for the departures and arrivals of King Carol the Second, members of the government, the Royal Family and high dignitaries invited in the capital. The esplanade connecting the station of Băneasa to the main road allowed for troop alignment and development of processions. During the communist era, it became a presidential station, currently being used for boarding / disembarkation of passengers of some trains travelling on the 800 mainline. Since 2012, the Royal Station of Băneasa, a station with historical significance, is periodically used by the Royal Family of Romania as a departure and arrival point for…

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