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Tickets are purchased directly from the site and there is no need to present at CFR Călători’s sales offices.

Travel data will be sent by e-mail and will be available at any time from the user’s own profile.

In order to use the online sale system, click the BUY button in the official website of CFR Călători, www.cfrcalatori.ro.

Online Train Tickets Buy in local traffic

If you are not registered, the “New User Registration” link will be used to create an account.

A new page will open in which you enter your personal data for account creation.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

To be sure you are receiving your login data, use a valid email address.

As a security measure, complete the captcha code (the sequence of letters and numbers in the image posted on the page in the field adjacent to it).

After completing all fields, before confirming the button, you must agree to the terms and conditions and check the button “I agree to the required terms and conditions”.

If you DO NOT AGREE to these conditions, DO NOT continue registering as a user.

After entering the data, the system will display the following message:

The user will receive an email from BileteOnLine@cfrcalatori.ro with the User Registration “CFR Online Tickets” Name First Name, User Name and Password, password that can be changed at any time from the user profile.

For any questions please contact us:

Buy train tickets online in local traffic.

If you received the “username” and “password” on mail, you can log in and the system will allow you to make online transactions.

1. How do you connect?

In the Username and Username Password fields, you’ll enter your login data received on mail.

Access Go into the application.

To find out the necessary steps you need to check “Show steps”.

It is recommended that at the first login the user to change the password.

2. Change password

To change the password, go to Change user contact username => Change password.

Fill in your old password then choose the new password.


3. Change user data

In case you want to change your contact information originally created when you create your account, you can access the Change user data contact => Change User Data menu.


4. Have you forgotten your password?

If you forgot your password, you can change it by going to I forgot password button on the Login page.

If all requested data was successfully entered then the system will display the following message:

The user will receive an email from BileteOnLine@cfrcalatori.ro with User Registration “CFR Online Tickets” Name Surname, new password.


Once you have connected, you can start the online ticket purchase procedure.

On the left side of the screen, the steps that need to be taken to buy tickets online are listed as a menu. This menu can be displayed/hidden by checking/unchecking the “Show Phases” field.

  1. Travel data – the first stage of the application where you can select the type of trip (simple or round trip), the date of the trip, the departure and destination stations. Optionally, you can select the “Via” station.
  2. Choose train/trains  – the train/trains corresponding to the selections made in the previous stage are displayed.
  3. Calculation of price  – in order to be available the tariff information, it is necessary to select the type of car (1-st class, 2-nd class, sleeping car, berth car), the number and type of passengers and possibly enter the data on the TrainPlus card (only for the owners of these cards).
  4. Order Confirmation  – is necessary to enter the security code (captcha).
  5. Declaration of Passenger Data  – enter the first and last names of the passengers, as well as the student’s card or student ID card (if the beneficiaries of these facilities were selected in the previous stage).
  6. Online payment  – this stage takes place within the online payment application where it is necessary to enter the bank card with which the payment is done.
  7. Using the ticket – after confirming your online payment, you will receive 2 emails containing information about the amounts that have been debited from your account (support@mobilpay.ro) and your online ticket together with an extract from “Terms and conditions of use of service “Buy Online Tickets”.

The main screen of this application is the route one. Here are introduced the main dates to make the trip.

The Departure date, Departure and Destination fields are mandatory fields. Optionally, you can fill in the Via field as well as other selection criteria that can be found in the Advanced Search Select field.

The departure date is the trip date (of embarking). By selecting the date of departure, the system displays all the data falling within the anticipated sale period. If the Round-Trip OFFER box is selected, the system asks for the departure date and also the return date.

By unchecking the check box Only main stations are displayed all stations for which tickets can be purchased online.

Departure is the departure station. If at least 3 characters are filled in, a list of stations starting with the entered characters will be displayed from which you can select/choose the departure station.

Destination represents the destination station. Selecting/choosing the destination station is similar to the departure station. The system only displays default stations.

If are not filled in or wrongly data are entered in the Departure and Destination fields, the system will alert you.

If you think you will be traveling on this route you can check the box! New!! Save departure/destination in PREFERENCES.

Via, represents the station on the train path, used to correctly establish the route. If this field is not filled in, the system automatically chooses the shortest route. Remember that this field is optional.

Maximum deviation from the shortest route (%) (found in the Advanced Search box) is the deviation in percent of the shortest route per kilometer. By default, the system offers (by already selected value) along the shortest route, routes up to 50% higher than the minimum distance.

Number of train changes on route (found in the Advanced Search box) is the number of train connections to reach the destination. By default, the value “0” is selected (the system offers as far as possible direct trains without changes or with the least changes).

After all fields have been filled in correctly, press the forward button and you will be transferred to the next screen, the selection stage of the train/trains that make up the route.

Before you buy your online train ticket, you can check the price by accessing the Info Price as well as the stations on route, by accessing the train number (egg IR1661) or the Train Information main menu.

 If you decide on the train to buy an online ticket, click the Buy button and a new window opens.

In the first part of the screen are initially selected travel data (travel date, train number, from, to) and which cannot be changed at this stage. The MINIGROUP ticket can only be selected at the 2-nd class.

By completing the specific car case from the Car Select/reservation type you can choose to travel to a specific car from the train composition if you have friends traveling in this car.

After you have entered the number of passengers in the AFERENT boxes corresponding to the category of passengers, depending on the established limits, then press the Price button.


The maximum number of passengers for which seats can be requested in a single online transaction varies depending on the type of car, is:

  • 12 seats for class and berth cars (1-st class, 2-nd class, berth car with 6 beds, berth car with 4 beds);
  • 2 seats in the sleeping cars with 2 beds in the cabin and sleeping cars “Single” regime.

In case a reservation to a sleeping car is required for one passenger, the type of person traveling on the trip (M – male/F – female) must be specified.

In order to request a car reservation, optional bed position can be required, but only within the available seats.

After entering the number of passengers by category, fill in the captcha code, in the field that is a case sensitive field (note whether it is written in uppercase or lowercase).

For a traveler with a TrenPlus Card, the ID card and the owner’s CNP will be entered. In case of erroneous filling, the system displays a warning message.

If this code has been filled in correctly and the Continue button is clicked which has as effect passing to the next stage where the passenger’s identity data (name, surname, card/ID no.) has to be entered.

After entering passenger ID data, click the Buy button which has the effect of switching to the online payment page.

When the Safely Pay button is accessed, the user agrees that the amount corresponding to the value of the ticket will be withdrawn from his account. After clicking this button, if the payment was successful, the user is informed that the transaction has succeeded.

On the e-mail address, the user will receive two messages:

  • A message confirming the debit amount in the card,
  • A message with all CFR ticket details online.

By receiving this message, it is certified that the online transaction has been successful and the user can print the ticket online from his profile or attachment.

On the train, passengers will be identified by the ticket ID number and their name. It is recommended that passengers print and have on board the “CFR online ticket” in the standard format for this type of ticket. Persons over the age of 14 will be identified on the basis of an official identity document (identity card, passport, driving license).

The request is made with at least 6 hours before the departure of the first train on the original ticket, for trains running within the range available to buy an online ticket.

Changing travel data of an already purchased “CFR online ticket”

(ie, changing the contract of carriage) can only be made under the following conditions:

  • The change is requested for a ticket as a whole, for all passengers on that ticket and for all trains that compose the route. In the case of a round-trip offer, the change request is made for both the return and simple journey;
  • The number of passengers, the type (category of passengers), their names, as well as the departure and destination stations on the initial ticket remain unchanged;
  • Changing travel data to a lower train or lower class will be made without refunding the tariff differences. In this case, for the purpose of recovering the appropriate tariff differences, it is recommended to cancel the original ticket (by accessing the “Travel Abandonment” functionality);
  • The request to modify a purchased ticket can only be made once, and the client pays the related commissions and possible tariff differences. The new “CFR Online Ticket” (issued as a result of a request to modify the travel data) is NOT allowing any further changes;
  • If the journey is to be reserved for a sleeping car (in a 2-bed cabin or “single” regime), the number of passengers on the initial ticket must be of maximum 2 people.

To make this change, Change Trip Data is used in the main menu.

We remind you that the refund of “CFR online tickets” can only be made on the basis of the online refund request, subject to the following conditions:

  • the request is made for a ticket as a whole, ie for all passengers on that ticket (it is not allowed no request for refund only for a part of the passengers on the ticket) and for all trains that compose the route.
  • the return request is required to be completed online by the registered user (from his own profile) and will be taken into account only if he is registered with at least 6 hours before the date and time of departure of the first train of the route.

After the expiration of this period (6 hours before the trip starts) the “CFR online tickets” will NOT be refunded.


When due to railway fault, the passenger is unable to make the departure or travel journey, according to the initial “CFR Online Ticket”, to continue the journey with another train or return to the original departure station (if applicable), it is necessary to address directly to CFR Călători sales offices at the station where the incident took place. Under these special situations, if the trip is to be waived, the refund request can be filled either:

  • directly at CFR Călători’s sales points at that station (on a standard form),
  • online (from your own user profile), in which case the request can be recorded within 3 calendar days of the occurrence of the incident.
It is acceptable to register the restitution claims after the departure of the train only after a proof of non-performance of the trip has been obtained from a sales unit of CFR Călători – by requesting the non-use visa.
  • In the case of round-trip tickets, a partial refund may be required, but ONLY for the return journey after the simple journey is done, provided that the request is made with at least 6 hours before the return journey begins. In this case, the fare for the unused route is returned with 20% retention of the transport fare (without reservation) paid for the return train.
  • If the “CFR online ticket” is issued on the basis of commercial offers that do not allow refund, the customer is advised of this fact before purchasing them.
  • the amounts to be refunded are calculated with the deduction of the corresponding processing fees, according to the regulations in force accessible on the official website, of which we mention următoarele reguli principale:

 The value of reservation tickets for class car seats is NOT refundable (the amount of reservation tickets for each train and seat booked on the route is deducted from the amount paid);
The value of bed supplements for booked seats at sleeping or berth cars is refunded with a 10% commission if the request is made no later than one day before the departure date of the train at its train station and 50% if the request is registered on the day of departure of the train from its training station (but not later than 6 hours from the time of embarkation of the first train out of the route);
The amount of the transport tariffs is refunded with a 10% commission if the application is registered in accordance with minimum 6 hours before the departure time of the first train of the route;

  • The amounts will be transferred directly into the account associated with the payment card (in no event the related amounts will NOT be returned in cash at the CFR Călători counters).

The user must know the ID for which the trip will be made. Enter the CFR online ticket ID for which refund is requested.

If a wrong ID is entered, the user is warned.
Once the ID is entered correctly, the system displays the page containing the refund request. The request is analyzed and the user receives a message communicating the resolution on application no. … If the request is solved positively, the amount is transferred to the card account with which the payment was made.

By accessing My Tickets in the main menu you can get information about past operations:

  •  The CFR Online ticket based on the IDs.
  • The list of refund requests during the period
  • Orders completed during [CFR Online Ticket Information]
  • Evidence of invoices issued during user period…
  • Seats images for ticket with ID…