1. The transport of passengers is carried out according to the provisions in force, respectively according to the rules of hygiene and behavior issued by the authorities, for the protection of people and prevention of Covid-19 infection.
It is recommended to:
– Avoid travelling during peak hours, if possible,
– Wash/disinfect your hands before departure
– Allow other passengers to board/get off the train safely, waiting at a sufficient distance before boarding/getting off the train
– All available entry/exit areas/doors should be used evenly

2. Wearing a protective mask covering the nose and mouth is compulsory in all stations, when boarding/getting off the train, as well as throughout the journey.
It is recommended to:
– Use disposable gloves
– Keep sufficient distance between passengers, despite the use of a protective mask
– Passengers should cough or sneeze only into their bent elbow or in a tissue/ handkerchief

3. If there are persons requesting assistance to board the train, they will notify the CFR Calatori representative, according to the regulations in force, who will establish the way of granting assistance for those persons.

4. CFR Călători recommends purchasing tickets ONLINE or using the credit card payment where possible.

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