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Are you a pupil or a student and are on vacation between the 20th and the 26th of February?
Travel by train to your favorite holiday destinations and you’ll benefit from free of charge tickets if you’re a pupil or 50% discount if you are a student! Tickets can be bought online based on an ID.

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For parents or grandparents who accompany you, the round ticket* with a 10% discount or the ticket for retirees** with a 50% discount also represent the most advantageous travel options!

* 10% discount for the travel of an adult by train of any rank (Regio, InterRegio, Intercity) in 1st or 2nd class;
** 50% discount for the travel of a retiree by Regio or Interregio trains in 2nd class.

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The ski and sledge slopes from the mountain resorts, but also special events in big cities (children’s workshops, Puppet Theater, films, performances, trade fairs, urban camps for the development of creativity) are waiting for you this holiday!
In Bucharest, the Romanian Peasant Museum has prepared for children, and not only for them, the creativity workshops for the holiday and The Mărțișor*** Fair

The Village Museum celebrates Dragobetele between the 24th and the 26th of February and on the 26th of February shall be launching a series of workshops for children and adults – Traveling through spring traditions.

At the Destiny Park – Băneasa, the first edutainment park in Romania, children between 4 and 14 years old can learn through play. “Small children can be adults for a few hours or a day …pilots, doctors, TV presenters, firefighters, policemen. The vocations, talents and passions of the little ones are observed by education specialists to discover what could be the areas in which they will excel years to come”.

For those who are passionate about art, Art Safari brings to the Dacia-Romania Palace on Lipscani street, “under the same roof, the prestigious art of the past and the fresh art of the present, the international art from the world’s great museums and the beloved Romanian art, painting, sculpture, immersive installations and new media… Pavilions… exhibition, are also learning and play spaces for all ages”.
Access for children under 12 years old is free.

In Sibiu, Sunday on 26 of February, at Atrium Classic Café, small children are invited to manufacture trinkets with “glue” for the loved ones, made by the small kids in the Mărțisoare Workshop.

In Craiova, the Colibri Theater for Children and Youth presents the Cinderella Show on the 25th of February and on the 26th of February, The singers from Bremen, a show for all ages.

In Iași, children are invited to sport dance classes, and The National Athenaeum awaits them with a series of performances – The Tricky Alphabet, on the 25th of February, The goat with three kids, on 26 of February.

In Târgoviște, children and parents can enjoy the Dragobete and Mărțișor Fair in The Mihai Viteazul Square, and on the 23rd of February, at the History Museum, are invited to a Spring Concert. In the vicinity, The Royal Court, the churches from the premises and The Chindiei Tower, invite you to a walk in history!

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