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2021 – European Year of Rail

In 1922, following a Romanian initiative at the economic intergovernmental conference from Genoa, the International Union of Railways was establish, headquartered in Paris. The Romanian representative and founding member was Alexandru Perieţeanu. UIC is a global railway professional organization, whose purpose is to standardize and improve conditions for railway constructions and operations.

UIC develops technical norms and standards for the entire range of railway activities: establishes regulations and recommendations, launches and endorses international projects / studies, favors information and experience exchanges between its members: railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and railway industry representatives. The members play an active role in determining solutions for global / regional railway issues.

UIC in figures:

  • 200 members in 100 countries on 5 continents
  • Over 3 trillion carried passenger-kilometers
  • Over 10 trillion ton-kilometers of transported goods
  • Over one million kilometers of railway
  • Over 7 million persons working in the railway system
  • Over 100 institutions it collaborates with

Beginning with the 1st of January 2006, SNTFC “CFR Călători”-S.A., as a national passenger railway operator, became a UIC member with full rights. Thus, it benefits from the rights associated to this statute. In this quality, CFR Călători actively participates in a series of ongoing projects with major implications in:

  • Standardizing and improving railway vehicles’ technical systems
  • Information systems regarding train timetables, railway products, tariffs and sales conditions
  • Defining IT technical standards in the sale system and electronic reservation area, projects regarding the development of unique international tickets etc.
  • International commercial area – common international standards and regulations

Follow us further in order to find out more information regarding railways in Romania and Europe.


Did you know?

At the International Union of Railway’s headquarters in Paris there is an exhibition of the railway caps evolution, where the caps used over time by CFR Călători and CFR Infrastructure can also be seen. This was achieved with the UIC members’ support and tells the story of the international railways’ evolution.

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