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Steam locomotives in Dej was founded at the initiative of some passionate railway workers in 1992. It is the only museum of its kind in Transilvania. You can admire over 20 steam and electric locomotives, but also railway coaches that made history in Romania.

The oldest exhibits, a steam locomotive and an electric locomotive, dating from 1908.

The steam locomotive 40.007 was manufactured by Wiener Lokomotivfabriks AG, Floridsdorf (Austria) and ran on the route Subcetate – Haţeg – Bouţari – Caransebeş, during 1908 – 1978.

In the museum you can also see the most powerful steam locomotive manufactured in Romania (151 002), the steam locomotive number 1000 manufactured in Reșița and many others.

In the museum there is a museum coach with objects specific to the depot activity.

The museum is organized in open-air, the entry is free and most of the exhibits can be seen from above, from a walkway crossing the depot Dej-Triaj.

Did you know?

The steam locomotive 151002 is part of a series of only two units manufactured by Malaxa Plants in 1939 and 1941. These were the most powerful steam locomotives manufactured in Romania, being able to tow over 3000 tons.

The steam locomotive 151001 was captured by the URSS in 1945, exploding a few years later in Kharkiv, but the steam locomotive 151002 ran until 1971.

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