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Although road transport has advanced in recent decades, it is expensive and does not provide a solution for all people. It has detrimental effects on environment and climate, but railway transport tends to solve all these problems.

According to the EU Green Agreement by 2050, the aim is to switch to the use of alternative fuels for the total elimination of carbon emissions, and the railway transport can help because the railway pollutes 8 times less and emits 9 times less CO2 than the road transport, according to CER. For this reason, in Romania it is invested in electrification of the main railway lines, modernization and efficiency of electric locomotives, the purchase of trains with alternative fuels (hydrogen trains), the modernization of all coaches with ecological toilets, etc.

Traffic is one of the main problems of big cities, and the number of people moving to and from work and / or schools is very high. Thus, traveling by train is an alternative to road transport, offering passengers more options. Besides being the most environmentally friendly mode of transport and has a generous space that gives freedom of movement, the train can avoid hours lost in traffic, unnecessary expenses and allows optimizing every moment of the journey, whether we are talking about travelling between cities or just to work / school.

CFR Călători is attentive to the transport needs, requests and expectations of the passengers and the decisions we make are based on the passengers and their needs. Therefore, in addition to the ongoing concern to maximize the capacity and to provide safe, efficient, economical and quality services for a better experience on board our trains, we carry out rolling stock modernization programs and continue to strive to ensure and increase mobility of citizens and rail connections between all areas of the country.

Traveling by train is the transport of the future to which we are striding because the railway is a sustainable solution for the transport of passengers and goods to reduce CO2 emissions, offering passengers and businesses an environmentally friendly transport choice.



Did you know that?

Most CFR Călători locomotives that reach speeds higher than 100km / h are equipped with a localized train control system, in this case PZB 90 / INDUCED.
PZB 90 = Punktförmige Zugbeeinflussung; PZB 90 = INDUCED = Induktive Zugsicherung.
The PZB 90 monitors the speed depending on the time and the distance traveled and includes a start-up program and comprises restrictive monitoring curves, which prevent the unauthorized passage over a signal with a stop indication.
This system is useful for emergency braking of the train when it exceeds the required speed or a signal on the red color, being a safety element.

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